Venus Factor: Everything You Need to Know

The Venus Factor now comes in two different forms. These are the standard Venus Factor and its premium counterpart: Venus Immersion. No doubt you are probably wondering what sets the Venus Factor aside from the ten thousand other diet programs available. Well, the author John Barban, noticed that of all the diet plans available, very few were designed specifically towards women.

As you’ve no doubt seen online. Most diets are a one size fits all plan that don’t take into account your unique metabolism or hormones. The Venus Factor program lasts for 12 weeks and it designed from the get go to keep all the hormones responsible for appetite in check. This will allow you to not only lose weight but also keep it off!

One of the hardest things about weight loss is keeping up your momentum once you get up to speed. This is why people tend to do better when they set out to lose weight with friends. The added motivation you get from working out in a group is a huge bonus. John Barban’s program aims to replicate this with its online community. Every copy of the Venus Factor comes with an exclusive membership to the website.

How will the Venus Factor Program help me lose weight?

Losing weight is difficult and for some people it can seem next to impossible to shift that stubborn belly fat. The core principle of the Venus Factor is based around a hormone our bodies create called Leptin. Often after having children our bodies will stop getting the full effects of this Hormone. As we grow older we start to develop a natural resistance to it which can seriously hamper our weight burning efforts.

The Venus Factor sets out to reverse our bodies resistance to Leptin with nothing more than a few dietary changes. By balancing this hormone our body will begin to burn fat completely naturally. This means any exercise we do will be far more effective than normal.